Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Luvelees start?

The story

Luvelees is a family-owned company which was started in Helsinki, Finland in 2021 by a Canadian handcrafter and a Finnish entrepreneur.

How will you deliver my order?

We use the national postal service in Finland for shipping. The package should arrive at your nearest pickup point within 1-2 business days.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! We use international parcel service provided by the Finnish national post office. You should receive your package within 5 business days!

What is the return policy?

Every product has a 30-day return policy, and we hope that you do not use the products before returning them for too long and there is no visible wear. That way someone else can enjoy that product too!

How do I contact Luvelees?

Best way to get our attention is emailing us at hello@luvelees.com

Can I sell my handcrafted stuff here?

That is a good question! Drop us a line at hello@luvelees.com and we will see what we can do together!

What would the world be like if it was filled with copies of you?

We think it would be a nice world to live in, albeit there would be shortages of cheese... and wine... and every dog in the world would have a home. Not bad ey?